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EARTH AND WATER WEEKEND Special Event Registration
August 11-12 at 9 AM - 4 PM

Kewadin Casinos Hotel & Convention Center
2186 Shunk Rd
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan 49783
Earth and Water Weekend

$90 2- days
$45 1- day

(fee includes lunch)
Weekend Training With!

Kathy Long- a 5 time world Kickboxing Champion, a Master of Kung Fu San Soo, CDT Tactical Master Instructor, was twice inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame, is in the “Inside Kung Fu” Hall of Fame, Stunt Man’s Hall of Fame, and has been voted Kick Boxer of the Year.


Restita DeJesus - a 3-time National Black Belt League regional forms champion, a member of the 2001 USA T’ai Chi team, 2001 International gold medalist in Chen T’ai Chi at the World T’ai Chi Health Conference games in Hainan, China, and a 3-time USA Wushu-Kung Fu Federation Nanquan (Southern boxing) gold medalist. Restita was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame in 2011, the 2012 World Doce Pares Federation Hall of Fame, 2013 Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors Hall of Fame, and the 2014 Martial Arts History Museum Hall of Honors.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Boxing gloves/ shin & incept guards. Broad sword (limited supply will be available for use);

Cost per person- $90 (2 days) or $45 (1 day)
Lunch included

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Saturday, August 18 at 10 AM - 2 PM
Family Firearm Safety

$20 (includes Ammo/ lunch)
17676 W Pendills Lake Rd
Brimley, MI 49715

Open to ages 8 and older

Course description: This course is intended for the individual with little or no firearms experience at all. This class is designed to set the groundwork for safe pistol handling.

This is a great opportunity for a beginner to ask questions, get answers, and learn in a laid back environment. This is a very FUN class. There will be some time for some one-on-one instruction and if you want to, there will be some time on the range to shoot several different types of handguns that you will learn about in the class.

The successful completion of this course will give you the basic foundation to advance through all the other classes that Stony Farm Defense has to offer.
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Join us for a free lesson - NO CONTRACTS- Quality Instructors
Black Dragon Martial Arts offers open training to all martial artist.

We welcome the opportunity to meet new instructors, arrange seminars, and tournaments opportunities. We try to offer our students and martial art friends exposure to many martial art styles and welcome any opportunity to do so.
Contact Information
Train with Our Instructors at the Following Times

Black Dragon Martial Arts- Sault Ste Marie

5th Dahn Master Instructor Tina Fuller       1st Dahn Instructor Jamie Eavou

Phone/ Text: Ms Fuller 906-360-9055

Black Dragon Martial Arts and Wellness Center, 111 W Portage Ave., 2nd Floor, Sault Ste Marie MI 49783

Kick-start and Slim Down
Cardio Kickboxing- Kettle-bell/ Body Weight Training

Monday/ Thursday 5:30-7:00
Saturday 9:00- 11:00

Tuesday 5:30-7:30
Tae Kwon Do (ITF)

Wednesday / Friday
5:30-7:00 All Students
7:00-8:00 Advanced forms only

Always wanted to try a Martial Art or Cardio Kickboxing Class? Enjoy a free week of classes as a first-timer as well as a reduced rate for your unlimited month of training in all classes.

4 weeks - Unlimited First Time
(Includes class instruction only)
8 Weeks - Tae Kwon Do Only
(Includes uniform & Black Dragon T-shirt)
8 weeks - Judo Only
(Includes uniform & Black Dragon T-shirt)
8-weeks - Kick-start and Slim Down Only
Cardio Kickboxing/ Kettle-bell/ Body Weight Training

(Includes Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards & Black Dragon T-shirt)
$55 $70 $70 $70

Drop in Fees for Single Classes
Drop in Fees for Single Classes
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Class Packages for Enrolled Students
Have a favorite class- we offer great monthly training fees and discounts for multiple family members AND if enrolled in multiple classes.

PARENTS train FREE with registered children. Parents training with children can purchase a TKD, JUDO or Kickboxing gear package.
One Month Tae Kwon Do Training Only

Class times- Wednesday & Friday

5:30-7 Beginning Students
5:30-8:00 Advanced Students

One Month Judo Training Only

Class time- Tuesday


One Month Cardio Kickboxing Only

Class times-

Monday/ Thursday 5:30-7
Saturday 9:00-11:00

One Month Multiple Class Fees
For students enrolled in more than one class
(all classes)

Family Rates Available
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Boxing Gear, Weaponry and Uniforms
$25 Single Student
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$25 Single Student
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$25 Single Student
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$15 Each Additional Class
Single Student
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