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Tai Chi Movements And The Tai Chi Symbol
The movements of tai chi are based on the taoist thoughts on polarity which can be seen in the tai chi symbol.

" To be great is to go on, To go on is to be far, To be far is to return."

[Quote by: lao Tzu form the book "Tao Teh Ching"]
Tai Chi Yang style has a pace that is even and slow, without stopping. The Tai chi movements of Yang style are straight forward and easy flowing. The movement of energy is like the slow circular rotations of the silk worm drawing silk. It's movements and tai chi breathing being natural and unified, Yang style adopts the method of chi chen dantian (sink the chi to the dantian.)

The moderate and easy flowing method of the tai chi Yang style makes it easily learned by the majority of people and this is why it has such a great following and has become the most popular of all the tai chi styles.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an aspect of Chinese medicine involving the coordination of different breathing patterns with various physical postures and motions of the body. It is mostly taught for health maintenance purposes, but there are also some who teach it as a therapeutic intervention.

The 10 Symbols of Longevity is a set of 10 exercises that improves the flow of Qi (Chi) through the entire body and Calms the mind.

Try to coordinate the breathing with the movement and keep your thoughts only on what you are doing at the moment.

Exercises 1-6

Exercises 7-10
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