Instructor Tina Fuller
Head Instructor Tina Fuller
Fuller began learning martial arts in Vulcan, MI under Instructor L. Anderson with her son, Keenan when he was seven years old.

In 2003, established a martial arts school in Gwinn, MI called Black Dragon Tae Kwon do where she began teaching students ranging from six years old to adults. Fuller also returned to her original school in Vulcan, MI as head instructor after the death of L. Anderson to help his remaining students complete their ranking goals.

In 2009, founded Black Dragon Martial Arts Club Inc. to train at-risk youth with the outstanding values the martial arts have to offer. She puts a lot of emphasis on training and discipline. Her classes offer a safe training environment to anyone who enters the training floor. She also has been involved with teaching students with various disabilities including deaf, blind, and amputations. Her greatest pride was to see one of her young handicapped adults take on the challenge of competing in weaponry (Bo) at a local competition and without the use of hands, seeing him place in the top 3 in his division. Judges were not aware of his handicap until he accepted his award.

Fuller strongly believes that anyone can achieve greatness in the martial arts if they are encouraged. It is the responsibility of the instructor to take the time and effort to help them achieve it.

Apart from teaching martial arts at various locations in Michigan and Wisconsin Fuller offers various services to the community. Through Black Dragon Martial Arts she hosts self defense seminars and has lead martial art demonstrations at several local events for youth.

Belt: Black Martial Art Style: Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Eskrima Instructor/ Coach for: Black Dragon Martial Arts- Team Black Dragon

Martial Arts School and founder of: Black Dragon Martial Arts Club Inc. Location: Marquette, Michigan (USA) Grand master: GM Kevin Schoenebeck

Instructor(s)/ Coaches: GM Kevin Schoenebeck (TKD, Eskrima) Jason Inay, Mike Rankinen (Eskrima), Jeff Scott (Judo), GM Rudy Timmerman (Weaponry)

Affiliations/ Associates: Midwest Association of Professional Martial Artist (MAPMA); Association of Professional Martial Artist (APMA); North Korean Martial Arts Association (NKMAA)

Martial Arts Training since 1996;

Occupation/ Interests; Real estate appraiser, writer, artist, martial arts instructor, video editor. Hobbies: Reading, writing, painting, drawing, blogs
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