All serious students of the martial arts understand that in order to improve and grow it is necessary to practice. Even though we might practice daily for a set time or length of time, it is not uncommon for the practice to become stale, or a bit commonplace and usual for us. How can we avoid those pitfalls of steady practice, and where can we find inspiration for growth, continued practice and improvement?

Variety is the spice of life. In our chosen martial art, we might practice kicking, or punching, or striking and our practice may offer a combination of techniques we can work on and practice.

Supplementary training by means of conditioning or strengthening or exercises can often help to improve our practice. As we gain in flexibility or coordination, or strength, often we can readily perceive our functional changes in practice.

-Tina PSN
Beginning Weight Lifting Tips for Martial Artist
Weight Lifting Tips - Click Here In all other athletic disciplines, strength training is universally used to enhance flexibility and speed yet, in the martial arts, people are afraid that strength training will impair their abilities. Of course, like anything else, strength training is a tool: use it properly, good results; improperly, bad results. Our weight lifting tips will give you a good base for your daily training routine.
Sparring Drills and Tips for Success in the Ring
Sparring Training Tips - Click Here For successful fighters, the training and preparation begins months before the event. During this period, competitors should focus on building endurance and honing their striking speed and accuracy. Endurance exercises such as sparring with multiple opponents back-to-back for an extended period of time can help a fighter keep from getting physically drained during a sparring match.
The Art of Winning a Forms Competition
Forms Training Tips -Click Here The practice of martial art forms (patterns) is not only great for getting in shape but are also used in inspiring demonstrations and competitions.
Martial Art Weapon Training Tips
Weapon Training Tips -Click Here Weapons training can open up a whole new dimension to overall martial arts training. It doesn’t matter if sometimes the swords are made entirely of wood either since the actual weapons techniques will still be used in the forms. For many martial arts competitors, weapons forms are their favorite divisions to compete in.
Health and Nutrition Tips for Martial Artists
Health and Nutrition Tips -Click Here Becoming an elite athlete requires good genes, good training and conditioning and a sensible diet. Optimal nutrition is essential for peak performance.
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